About the Company

Oil Energy Group

Oil Energy Group was established as innovative company on the oil trade market.

The main feature of the company is its unique team of skilled professionals not only in the sphere of trading activities, but also in petrochemical industry. Namely close cooperation of traders and technologists allowed the company to bring to the market production of the highest quality taking into account and meeting the wishes of every customer.

Another OEG competitive advantage is its own supply infrastructure that includes logistics base, infrastructure for oil products storage and own staff located on processing plants for exercising the quality control over the manufactured products.

In three years of its operational activities the company has confidently filled its market niche, established business processes and significantly increased the processing speed of customers’ applications.

I am pretty sure, our company has a great future ahead, and our team is one of the best on the market. Initially, we have been building up relationships directly with production manufacturers, at the same time developing the whole range of services involving trading support, assessment of product quality, storage and logistics. The company adopted the Service Integration and Management model to the oil industry. This strategy turned up to be a winning one, it allows the company to develop while focused on expansion of the client base and further capitalization growth.

Kakhi Jordania
President of Oil Energy Group Company